The work of Ghent-based painter Bert Huyghe is often fueled by small anecdotes. Watching an episode of The Simpsons, or playing football with the local team on Saturday all add up to the pile of ideas that are constantly overflowing his studio. In this approach Huyghe deliberately steers away from serious gestures and makes works that seem to risk inconsequence or are strongly self-relativistic. Huyghe is interested in what the act of painting can presently and personally mean.


Bert Huyghe. Born in 1989 in Eeklo. Lives and works in Ghent.

Solo exhibitions: 2019 Horizons of Expectation, Rossicontemporary, Brussels; Mural, Beursschouwburg, Brussels 2017 Yay Team. I Know I Can Do It. Just Put Me In Coach., Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2015 B.E.R.T.H.U.Y.G.H.E., Gouvernement, Ghent

Group exhibitions: 2017 Teer 51’ Jan Colle Galerij, Gent; Jokes On Painting, Schau Fenster Berlin  2016 Au Lieu, Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2015 Etcetera 3, Smak, Ghent; II Die Radikale Estethica, In de ruimte, Ghent 2014 Club Social, Design Museum, Ghent; Coming People, Smak, Ghent; Alle Drie Op Het Hoogste Schavotje, Zwart Wild, Ghent; Beat The Meat #2, Ping Pong Gallery, Brussels 2013 Slechte Stijl, Mogelijk, Ghent; Free Motives, Hectoliter, Brussels; Nightshop, Nightshop, Knokke; Bad Kids, NVT Galerij, Ghent; Vinyl In The Studio, Mu.Zee, Ostend 2012 Nationaal Pop Up Store, Nationa(A)L Creative Store, Brussels; These Things Take Time, TTTT, Ghent; Weave, Kavka, Antwerp; Canvascollectie, Bozar, Brussels; Based Painting, Witte Moor, Ghent; Bookshowbookshop, BePart, Waregem 2011 Entrepot Fictief 01, Galerij Jan Colle, Ghent; Yummie Yummie Yummie I Got Love In My Tummy, Scheld'apen/Ankerrui, Antwerp 2010 Hund Gesucht, Hectoliter, Brussels; Expo Jaja, Emma, Antwerp; Realms Of The Unstable, Super-Deluxe + Vacant, Tokyo

Awards: 2014 First Prize Geuzenessay competition, Ghent University w/ The Boxer essay; Selection Coming People, Smak, Ghent

Other: 2019 Horizons of Expectation, documentary by Christophe Vanhoutte, TBC 2013 Bert Huyghe, LP release, Museum M, Leuven 2012 Namedropping, 7 inch release w/ Gerard Herman, WIELS, Brussel

List of publications & releases: 2017 Yay Team. I Know I Can Do It. Just Put Me In Coach., artist book, Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2016 Fame Circle – Fail Circle, cassette release, Social Harmony, Ghent; You're Gonna Miss Me Baby – The Paintings Bert Huyghe Destroyed, artist book, Naives & Visionaries, Berlin; Blauw, poetry booklet, Groepsdruk, Kiosk, Ghent 2013 Free Motives, artist book w/ Dieter Durinck, Hectoliter, Brussels; Puff Puff Pass, artist book, Be-Part, Waregem 2012 Afghan Gold, cassette release, Social Harmony, Ghent; Guadalcanal, artist book, self-published; Dolle Fratsen, artist book, self-published; The Moose Hunt, artist book, Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store, Brussels; Force Majeur, artist book, self-published 2011 Zweihundert gramm Nägel / Für Kurt, artist book w/ Olivier Smets & Ruud Ruttens, Sint-Lucas, Ghent; Untitled (Bert Huyghe 7), artist book, self-published; Bert Huyghe 5, artist book, self-published; Weltschmerz, artist book, self-published; Wereldvrede, artist book, self-published; 2010 Infinity Fite, artist book, self-published; Tropische Ziektes, artist book, self-published; Ons Heelal, artist book, self-published; Boek Vier, artist book, self-published; Hund Gesucht, limited edition 7 inch w/ Gerard Herman, Hectoliter, Brussels; Jumbo Reggea, Emma, Antwerp; Kung-Fu, artist book, self-published; Untitled (Skate Zine), artist book, Realms Of The Unstable, Super-Deluxe + Vacant, Tokyo 2009 Solferino, artist book, self-published; De Nar, artist book, self-published; Fantasiaparadijsland, artist book, self-published.