Brussels based, Japanese artist Chisato Ishiyama carefully selects the images to work on. They can either be old images and photos randomly found, or new ones taken by herself. The act of painting is for her an act of progressive appropriation of the image through meticulous reproduction. Pencil, oil and tempera meet halfway on a flimsy support: gauze. 


Chisato Ishiyama. Born in 1984 in Matsuhama. Lives and works in Brussels

Solo exhibitions: 2017 Oh les beaux jours !, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles 2013 Susceptibilité magnétique, De la Charge, Bruxelles 2010 The End of Education, Recyclart, Bruxelles 2009 Toward a Glance, Gallery Olga Golokhova, Gent; Video Art project, L'école Régionale des Beaux Arts de Nantes, Nantes

Group exhibitions: 2018 La collection de Jean-Marie Rikkers et Catharina Helsmoortel, private venue, Liège 2016 WEWANTOSEE, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa 2015 Au quotidien, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles2015 Art Brussels, Bruxelles (with Rossicontemporary) 2014 Photo de groupe, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles; Panorama, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles 2011 Transition, Smart, Bruxelles 2010 Terminal Beauty, Naked State, Bruxelles; Exposition collective de fin d' études de l'E.N.S.A.V. La Cambre, Atelier 340 Muzeum, Bruxelles 2009 Two Openings, Hôtel Noailles, Bruxelles 2008 Exposition collective de fin d' études de l'Université des Beaux Arts de Kanazawa, Musée du 21 siècle de Kanazawa, Kanazawa