At first glance the paintings of Ritsart Gobyn seem to be realized coincidentally. As if rough, unprepared linen with traces and remains of a painting process are mounted on a frame. Specs of dirt, drops and sweeps of paint cover the surface and pieces of tape still have to be removed. Fragments of discarded wooden plates emerge from behind the painting or cover it partially. These traces and remains are not always coincidental; sometimes they are, but mostly Gobyn puts them there on purpose. He combines and composes all these elements, he erases them and cherishes the leftovers. It looks as if the painting process is still on-going. Along the way however, the spectator discovers elements that propose the contrary. The pieces of tape and the shreds of paper turn out to be painted, like small trompe-l’oeil. These ordinary and functional objects become image by painting them. This evokes a different experience of the work by the spectator. This causes the painting to be in constant balance between finished and unfinished, coincidental and deliberate, painterly and sculptural. 

Ritsart Gobyn (1985). Lives and works in Ghent

Solo exhibitions: 2018 Parergon, Rossicontemporary, Brussels. C.N.G. 36, Blanco, Ghent 2107 Vanitas (Mural), Blanco, Ghent. 2016 Interlude, Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2015 In the making, Cc Gildhof, Tielt; The Kabinet: Ritsart Gobyn, CIAP, Hasselt 2013 You are here, CJK, Ghent

Group exhibitions: 2018 Small World, The Painter, The Work and The Studio revisited, Caesuur, Middelburg (NL); C.N.G.,  Blanco, Gent; Ritsart Gobyn, Frank van den Bergh, Frank Van Hiel, Galerie D'Apostrof,  Meigem. 2017 Input/Output, De Bond, Brugge; Kunst in de wachtruimte, David vzw, Gent; Bakermat, Bakermat Architect, Drongen 2016 Au lieu, Rossicontemporary, Brussels; Tumultingent #4, Gouvernement, Ghent; Gaverprijs, Cc De Schakel, Waregem; Cachet de la poste faisant foi, Fondation Hippocrène, Villa Mallet-Stevens, Paris 2015 NVT Gallery invites: Ritsart Gobyn & David Granados, NVT Gallery, Ghent; Ithaka 23, Leuven; Tumultingent #3, Campo Victoria, Ghent 2014 Tumult In Kerk, Kerk, Ghent; Putsch, Entrepot, Brugge; zes kamers/zes kunstenaars, CJK, Ghent; Jonge Loten (Kunst in Huis), Cc Westrand, Dilbeek; Tumultingent #2, Ydee, Ghent; Mind the gap, V-Art, Waregem 2013 Series, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp; Ik ben niet gek, ICC, Ghent 2012 Jonge schilders stellen tentoon, Cc de Brouckere, Torhout; Prijs van het Landschap Michel Depypere, Sint Michielskerk, Kuurne 2011 Input/Output, De Bond, Brugge; Pure Peinture, Montanus 5, Diksmuide; Ithaka 19: Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd, Sint-Pieterssite, Leuven; Bedtime Duologues in Winter, Voormalige Matrassenfabriek Devis, Mechelen

Awards: Honorable mention, Input/Output 2017; 1st Prize, Ik ben niet gek, 2013; 2nd Prize, Prijs van het Landschap Michel Depypere, 2012; 1st Prize, Award for the Thesis, Luca School of Arts, 2009