Thanks to her charming Latin-American background, both literary and artistic, Brussels based Colombian artist Carolina Fernandez paints as she would tell personal stories and allegorical tales. In her work an open dialogue, a silent conversation takes place through her favourite characters, being those old grand-mothers, wild animals, talking plants or guardian angels. 


Carolina Fernandez. Born in Bogotà, 1983. Lives and works in Belgium. 

Solo exhibitions: 2019 The Space between Life and Me, BAM, Mons 2018 Carolina Fernandez. Prix Découverte 2018, Centre d’art de Rouge-Cloître, Bruxelles; Carolina Fernandez. Dessins, peintures, Le Palace, MCATH, Ath 2017 Maya, Art on Paper, Bozar, Brussels (with Rossicontemporary); Rigpa, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles 2015 The Middle Way, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles 2014 Eau de mer, eau de rivière, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles

Group exhibitions: 2018 Prix du Hainaut des Arts plastiques 2018, Palais Provincial, Mons; La collection de Jean-Marie Rikkers et Catharina Helsmoortel, private venue, Liège2017 Prix Jean et Irène Ransy, Musée Ianchelevici, la Louvière; Prix Découverte de Rouge-Cloître, Rouge-Cloître, Bruxelles 2016 Triennale des Amis de la Cambre, La Cambre, Bruxelles; Au Lieu, Rossicontemporary, Brussels 2015 Parfois l'énigme, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles; Art Brussels, Bruxelles (with Rossicontemporary) 2014 Photo de groupe, Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles 2013 Uroborus, Atelier 340 Muzeum, Bruxelles 2012 Master Mind II, Iselp, Bruxelles 2006 Dime con quien andas, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota 2004 Migraciones, Universidad Nacional, Bogota

Awards: Finalist, Prix du Hainaut des Arts plastiques, 2018 First Prize, Prix Jean et Irène Ransy de peinture figurative, la Louvière, 2017; First PrizePrix Découverte de Rouge-Cloître, Bruxelles, 2017; First Prize, Prix Coup de Coeur des amis de la Cambre, Bruxelles, 2013